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about me

What is your full name?
- Claes Martin Lagesson
How old are you?
- 35 years old
Where do you live?
- Västevik, Sweden
Do you hade any nicknames?
- My friends call me LaGGe
What is your civil status?
- Singel with cats
What do you do for a living?
- I am an industrial worker/welder at Pentronic AB
Religious views?
- Hockey!
What is your favourite beverage?
- Doubtless, Coca Cola! The beverage of life
How do you look? Height, weight, BMI
- I am 189 cm long, my weigh is 84 kilograms and my BMI is 23.5
Do you have a drivers licence?
- Yes, I've had it in 17 years and 9 months
Do you have a car?
- Yes! I own a Opel Corsa
What's your favourite food?
- My homemade pizza, salomon or anything with bacon
What is your favourite color?
- Orange
What is your lucky number?
- Seven (7) and Seventyseven (77)
Do you have a "theme song" for your life?
- I do actually, Peter LeMarc - Lycklig idiot
What is your favourite pet?
- Cat, ofcourse. I've had the three best creatures in the world, Zipper, Loppan and the late Findus
What is your favourite beers?
- I live a sober life but if I have to choose then it would be Eriksberg and Innis&Gunn
What is your favourite drinks?
- Again, sober life but it would be Long Island Ice Tea, Margarita and Gin&Tonic (with grape tonic)