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what I like

Board games

No, me and my friends don't play family games like Monopoly, just wanna make that clear.
This is a list of all the games I and my friend Evul owns. It's at total of 4 games with a total of 1 expansions.

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Agents of Smersh 

Players: 2-6
Type: COOP, Cards
Genre: Action
Replayability: Yes
Description: Defeat villans and Dr. Lobo


Expansions: Adventure Pack 
Players: 1-6
Type: COOP
Gamemechanics: Diceroller
Genre: Fantasty
Replayability: Yes
Description: Dungeon Crawler

Steampunk Rally 

Players: 2-8
Type: PVP
Gamemechanics: Card drafting, Dice placement
Genre: Racing
Replayability: Yes
Description: Rally

Series: Exit

The Haunted Roller Coaster 

Players: 2-4
Type: COOP
Gamemechanics: Puzzle, Escape Room
Genre: Action
Replayability: No
Description: Escape room