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marvel legendary



Avengers: Adam Warlock
Defeat, Discard to play, Extra Cards Next Turn, Mastermindfight, MultiAvenger, MultiCovert, Shards,
Shield: Agent Phil Coulson
Choose, Draw Multiple Cards, Extra Cards Next Turn, MultiCovert, Reveal Shield Officer Deck, Shield Level, Undercover,
Spider-Man: Agent Venom
Patrol, Spectrum, Wall-Crawl,
Shield: Agent X-13
KO Shield, MultiShield, Out of Time,
Champions: Amadeus Cho
Draw Card, MultiCost, Outwit, Transform,
X-Men: Angel
Bystander, Discard, Draw Multiple Cards,
X-Men: Angel Noir
Bottom Hero Deck, Guessing, Investigate, MultiInstinct,
Avengers: Ant-Man
Discard/Redraw, Draw Card, Microscopic Size-Changing, MultiTech, Size-Changing,
None: Arkon
Defeat, Draw Card, Patrol, Spectrum, Wall-Crawl,
X-Men: Aurora & Northstar
Berserk, Lightshow, Soaring Flight,
X-Men: Banshee
Draw Card, MultiCovert, MultiRanged, Piercing Energy, Soaring Flight, X-Gene,
Illuminati: Beast
Draw Card, MultiStrength, MultiTech, Patrol, Reveal Deck, Wall-Crawl,
X-Men: Beast
Berserk, Discard, Draw Card, Look Deck, X-Gene,
Heroes of Asgard: Beta Ray Bill
Discard, Discard to play, Draw Card, Draw Multiple Cards, Thrown Artifact, Worthy,
X-Men: Bishop
Draw Card, KO, MultiRanged, MultiXmen,
Inhumans: Black Bolt
KO, MultiInhumans, MultiRanged, Reveal Deck, Thrones Favor, When Recruited,
Spider-Man: Black Cat
MultiSpider, Reveal Deck, Wall-Crawl,
Avengers: Black Knight
Empowered, Extra Cards Next Turn, MasterStrike, MultiStrength,
Cabal: Black Swan
Bystander, MultiCabal, MultiInstinct, MultiRanged, Reveal Villain Deck,
Avengers: Black Widow
Bystander, Defeat, Draw Card, KO, Mastermindfight, MultiCovert, MultiTech,
Marvel Knight: Blade
Draw Multiple Cards, Locationbonus, Locationfight, Move Villain,
Hydra: Bob, Agent of Hydra
Draw Card, Excessive Violence, Guessing, KO Shield, Reveal Deck,
Fantastic 4: Brainstorm
Draw Card, KO, Look Deck, MultiFour, MultiRanged, MultiTech, Out of Time, Reveal Deck,
Avengers: Bruce Banner
Draw Card, Extra Cards Next Turn, KO, Look Deck, MultiTech, Outwit, Reveal Deck, Smash, Transform,
X-Force: Cable
Extra Cards Next Turn, KO, MasterStrike, Mastermindfight, MultiXforce, Teleport,
Warbound: Caiera
Draw Card, KO, MultiCovert, Outwit, Smash, Transform,
X-Men: Cannonball
MultiInstinct, MultiStrength, Soaring Flight,
Avengers: Captain America
Draw Card, MultiAvenger, MultiClass, Wound,
Avengers: Captain America 1941
Bystander, Draw Card, MultiAvenger, MultiClass, Out of Time, Savior,
Avengers: Captain America Falcon
Bystander, MultiClass, Savior, Wound,
Avengers: Captain America Secret Avenger
MultiAvenger, MultiClass, MultiSidekick, Sidekick,
Illuminati: Captain Britain
Extra Cards Next Turn, MultiTeam, Patrol, Reveal Deck,
Avengers: Captain Mar-Vell
Danger Sense, Draw Card, KO, MultiAvenger, MultiRanged, Reveal Deck, Shards,
Shield: Captain Marvel
Draw Card, Draw Multiple Cards, Last Stand, MultiRanged, MultiShield, MultiStrength,
Venomverse: Carnage
Digest, Draw Card, Draw Multiple Cards, Excessive Violence, Indigestion, KO, Reveal Deck,
Avengers/Marvel Knight: Cloak & Dagger
KO, MultiCovert, MultiDivided, MultiRanged, Phasing, Reveal Deck,
X-Force: Colossus
Draw Multiple Cards, MultiStrength, Wound,
X-Men: Colossus & Wolverine
Berserk, KO Wound, Soaring Flight, Wound, X-Gene,
Cabal: Corvus Glaive
Bystander KO, MultiCabal, Patrol,
Inhumans: Crystal
Choose, Draw Card, Free Recruit, KO, MultiCovert, MultiInstinct, MultiRanged, MultiStrength, Reveal Deck, Thrones Favor, When Recruited,
X-Men: Cyclops
Discard to play, MultiXmen,
Marvel Knight: Daredevil
Guessing, Reveal Deck, Wall-Crawl,
Avengers/Marvel Knight: Daredevil
Discard Deck, Draw Card, Guessing, Look Deck, MultiAvenger, MultiCost, Sidekick, Wall-Crawl,
Marvel Knight: Daredevil Noir
Discard Deck, Guessing, Investigate, KO, MultiCovert, Wall-Crawl,
Avengers: Darkhawk
Draw Card, Hyperspeed, MultiTech,
X-Men: Dazzler
Extra Cards Next Turn, Free Recruit, Lightshow, Piercing Energy,
None: Deadpool
Discard/Redraw, Oddnumber, Wound,
Deadpool: Deadpool
Excessive Violence, Extra Turn, IRL, KO Wound, Wound,
Shield: Deathlok
Draw Card, MultiTech, Shield Level, Undercover,
X-Force: Domino
Discard, Draw Card, MultiXforce, Versatile,
Marvel Knight: Dr. Punisher Soldier Supreme
Draw Card, MultiRanged, MultiTech, Patrol, Reveal Villain Deck,
Guardians of the Galaxy: Drax
Artifact, Discard, KO, Look Deck, MultiGalaxy, MultiInstinct,
Marvel Knight: Electra
Draw Card, MultiCovert, MultiMK,
Shield: Elsa Bloodstone
Bystander, KO, Patrol, Spectrum, Wall-Crawl,
X-Men: Emma Frost
Draw Card, MultiCovert, Reveal Hand,
Avengers: Falcon
Bottom Hero Deck, Draw Card, Look Deck, MultiAvenger, MultiRanged, MultiTech, Sidekick,
Fantastic 4: Fantastic Four United
Bystander, Draw Multiple Cards, Focus, KO, KO Wound, Mastermindfight, MultiFour, Wound,
X-Force: Forge
Discard, Draw Multiple Cards, Locationfight, Mastermindfight, MultiTech, Versatile,
X-Men: Gambit
Draw Card, Draw Multiple Cards, MultiInstinct, Reveal Deck,
Guardians of the Galaxy: Gamora
Artifact, MultiCovert, Shards,
Marvel Knight: Ghost Rider
Defeat, Draw Card, KO Villain, MultiMK, MultiStrength,
Warbound: Gladiator Hulk
Cross-Dimensional, Discard, Draw Card, Smash, Transform, Wounded Fury,
Avengers: Goliath
Draw Card, MultiTech, Size-Changing,
Inhumans: Gorgon
Abomination, KO, MultiCovert, MultiInhumans, MultiStrength, Teleport, When Recruited,
Guardians of the Galaxy: Groot
Extra Cards Next Turn, MultiCovert, MultiStrength, Shards,
Champions: Gwenpool
Cheering Crowds, Demolish, Draw Card, MultiCovert, MultiInstinct, Reveal Bystander, Size-Changing, Versatile,
None: Happy Hogan
Coordinate, Danger Sense, KO, KO Wound, MasterStrike, MultiInstinct, Striker,
X-Men: Havok
Berserk, Discard, Lightshow, Mastermindfight, X-Gene,
Avengers: Hawkeye
Bystander, Draw Card, MultiAvenger, MultiTech,
Avengers: Hellcat
Draw Card, Guessing, MasterStrike, MultiAvenger, MultiInstinct, Reveal Any Deck,
None: Heralds of Galactus
Conqueror, Defeat, Draw Card, Focus, Move Villain, Search Hero Deck,
Avengers: Hercules
Bystander, Discard, Draw Card, KO, MultiAvenger, MultiInstinct, MultiStrength, Reveal Deck,
Spider-Man: High Tech Spider Man
Coordinate, Danger Sense, Draw Card, Locationbonus, Mastermindfight, MultiCovert, MultiTech, Reveal Deck, Wall-Crawl,
Warbound: Hiroim
Bystander, Defeat, Draw Card, KO, KO Wound, Mastermindfight, MultCovert, MultiWarbound, Transform,
None: Howard the Duck
Bystander, Draw Card, KO, Reveal Bystander, Reveal Deck,
Avengers: Hulk
KO Wound, MultiStrength, Wound,
Avengers: Hulkbuster Iron Man
Draw Card, Draw Multiple Cards, MultiStrength, MultiTech, Outwit, Smash, Transform,
Avengers: Hulkling
KO Wound, MultiCovert, Play Copy, Size-Changing, Wound,
Fantastic 4: Human Torch
Focus, KO Wound, MultiFour, Wound,
X-Men: Iceman
Draw Card, MultiRanged, Wound,
Fantastic 4: Invisible Woman
Bystander, Focus, KO,
Marvel Knight: Iron Fist
Draw Card, MultiStrength, Reveal Deck,
Avengers: Iron Man
Draw Card, Draw Multiple Cards, MultiRanged, MultiTech,
Avengers: Iron Man Noir
Investigate, MultiTech,
X-Men: Jean Grey
Bystander, Draw Card, MultiXmen,
Marvel Knight: Jessica Jones
, Draw Card, Investigate, KO, MultiCovert, Switcheroo,
Avengers: Jocasta
Discard Shuffle, Draw Multiple Cards, Empowered, MultiTech, Size-Changing,
Crime Syndicate: Joe Fix-It
Mastermindfight, MultiStrength, Recruitfight, Smash, Transform,
X-Men: Jubilee
Draw Card, KO, Lightshow, Look Deck,
X-Men: Karma
Bottom Hero Deck, Guessing, KO, Locationbonus, Mastermindfight, MultiCovert, MultiXmen, Reveal Hero Deck,
Inhumans: Karnak
Extra Cards Next Turn, MultiCovert, When Recruited,
X-Men: Kitty Pryde
Bottom Hero Deck, Soaring Flight, X-Gene,
Warbound: Korg
Bottom Hero Deck, Draw Card, KO Wound, MultiStrength, Outwit, Smash, Transform,
Heroes of Asgard: Lady Sif
Draw Multiple Cards, KO, Thrown Artifact, Wound,
X-Men: Legion
Berserk, Draw Multiple Cards, Lightshow, Piercing Energy, Reveal Hero Deck, Soaring Flight,
X-Men: Longshot
Berserk, KO, Look Deck, MultiTech, MultiXmen, Reveal Villain Deck,
Avengers/Marvel Knight: Luke Cage
Discard, Draw Card, Fortify, Look Deck, MultiAvenger, MultiInstinct, Wound,
Marvel Knight: Luke Cage Noir
Investigate, Wound,
None: Man-thing
Last Stand, Locationfight, Mastermindfight, Move Villain, MultiStrength, Teleport,
Inhumans: Medusa
Draw Card, Draw Multiple Cards, KO, MultiInhumans, MultiInstinct, Thrones Favor, When Recruited,
Warbound: Miek
Draw Card, Feast, Look Deck, MultiInstinct, Smash,
X-Men: Mirage
Discard, Draw Card, Extra Cards Next Turn, Moonlight, Waking Nightmare,
Shield: Mockingbird
Choose, Discard, Draw Card, Look Deck, MultiInstinct, Shield Level, Undercover,
Marvel Knight: Moon Knight
KO, Locationfight, Move Villain, MultiInstinct, MultiTech, Reveal Deck, Wall-Crawl,
Avengers: Moondragon
Danger Sense, Extra Cards Next Turn, MasterStrike, MultiAvenger, MultiInstinct, Scheme Twist, Shards,
Fantastic 4: Mr. Fantastic
Draw Multiple Cards, Focus, MultiFour,
Champions: Ms Marvel
Bystander, Cheering Crowds, Draw Card, KO, MultiCampion, Size-Changing, Versatile,
Avengers: Ms. America
KO, MultiStrength, Reveal Deck, Teleport,
Champions: Namora
Draw Card, KO, Locationfight, Mastermindfight, MultiCovert, MultiRanged, Smash, Transform,
Guardians of the Galaxy: Nebula
Bystander, KO, MultiInstinct, MultiTech, Shards,
Shield: Nick Fury
Defeat, KO Shield, Mastermindfight, MultiShield, MultiTech,
X-Men: Nightcrawler
MultiCovert, MultiInstinct, Teleport,
Warbound: No-Name, Brood Queen
Discard, Draw Card, Feast, Look Deck, MultiCovert, Transform,
Champions: Nova
Bystander, Cheering Crowds, MultiCampion, MultiRanged, Size-Changing, Versatile,
Avengers: Nova
Choose, Cosmic Threat, Draw Card, Draw Multiple Cards, Mastermindfight, MultiRanged, MultiTech,
Avengers: Patriot
MultiCovert, MultiHero, Reveal Deck,
Avengers/Spider-Man: Peter Parker
Bystander, Draw Card, KO Wound, MultiInstinct, MultiTech, Reveal Deck, Sidekick,
Spider-Man: Peter Parker Homecoming
Bystander, Coordinate, Danger Sense, Draw Card, MultiInstinct, MultiTech, Reveal Deck, Wall-Crawl,
Spider-Man: Peters Allies
Coordinate, Mastermindfight, MultiCovert, MultiSpider, Recruitfight,
X-Men: Phoenix
Berserk, Draw Multiple Cards, KO, KO this Card, Piercing Energy, Soaring Flight,
X-Men: Phoenix Force Cyclops
Draw Card, KO,
Avengers: Photon
Discard, Draw Multiple Cards, Hyperspeed, Last Stand, MultiAvenger, MultiRanged,
Guardians of the Galaxy: Phyla-Vell
Discard, Draw Card, KO, Shards, Wound,
X-Men: Polaris
Draw Card, Extra Cards Next Turn, KO, Look Deck, MultiCovert, MultiRanged, Piercing Energy, Recruitfight, Soaring Flight, X-Gene,
X-Men: Professor X
Bottom Hero Deck, MultiInstinct, MultiXmen, Reveal Villain Deck,
Fantastic 4: Psi-Lord
Bystander, Focus, MasterStrike, MultiCovert, MultiFour, MultiInstinct, Out of Time, Reveal Villain Deck, Scheme Twist,
X-Men: Psylocke
Draw Card, MultiInstinct, Piercing Energy, Reveal Hero Deck, X-Gene,
Marvel Knight: Punisher
Defeat, Draw Card, MultiStrength, MultiTech, Reveal Deck, Reveal Villain Deck,
Shield: Quake
Bottom Hero Deck, Discard to play, MultiRanged, Shield Level, Undercover,
Avengers: Quasar
KO, MultiCovert, Shards,
Avengers: Quicksilver
Discard, Hyperspeed, KO, Look Deck, MultiAvenger, MultiInstinct, MultiStrength,
Avengers/Shield: Rock Jones
Draw Card, MultiTech, Reveal Deck, Smash, Transform,
Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket Racoon
Artifact, Discard, Draw Card, MasterStrike, MultiGalaxy, MultiTech,
None: Ronan
Bystander, Constest of Champion, Draw Multiple Cards, MultiStrength, Shards,
Avengers: Ronin
Dark Memories, Draw Card, Hyperspeed, MultiInstinct, MultiRanged, MultiStrength, Play Copy,
X-Men: Rouge
Discard Deck, KO, MultiCovert, MultiStrength, Play Copy,
X-Men: Ruby Summers
Discard Hand, MultiXmen, Teleport,
Spider-Man: Scarlet Spider
Draw Card, MultiInstinct, MultiSpider, Wall-Crawl,
Avengers: Scarlet Witch
Bottom Hero Deck, Dark Memories, Discard, Free Recruit, MultiAvenger, MultiCovert, MultiRanged, Play Copy, Reveal Deck, Reveal Hero Deck,
Avengers: Sentry
Feast, Reveal Deck, Reveal Hero Deck, Transform,
Marvel Knight: Shang-Chi
Discard Shuffle, Patrol, Wall-Crawl,
Avengers: She-Hulk
Draw Card, KO, Outwit, Reveal Hero Deck, Smash, Transform,
Spider-Man: Silk
Draw Card, KO, MultiSpider, Reveal Deck, Spectrum, Wall-Crawl,
None: Silver Surfer
Defeat, Draw Card, Focus,
Avengers: Skaar
KO Wound, MultiInstinct, MultiStrength, Smash, Wound, Wounded Fury,
Deadpool: Slapstick
Bystander, Excessive Violence, Extra Cards Next Turn, Free Recruit, IRL, MultiRanged,
Deadpool: Solo
Excessive Violence, Mastermindfight, MultiTech,
X-Men: Soulsword Colossus
Cross-Dimensional, Discard, Draw Multiple Cards, MultiCovert, MultiStrength, MultiXmen, Wound,
Avengers: Speed
Draw Card, Guessing, Hyperspeed, Look Deck, MultiInstinct, Wall-Crawl,
New Warriors: Speedball
Bystander KO, Draw Multiple Cards, KO, KO Pile, MasterStrike, Mastermindfight, MultiCovert, MultiRanged, Reveal Villain Deck,
Spider-Man: Spider-Gwen
Bystander, Draw Card, Patrol, Reveal Deck, Wall-Crawl,
Spider-Man: Spider-Man
Bystander, Draw Card, Reveal Deck,
Spider-Man: Spider-Man Noir
Bystander, Investigate, MultiInstinct, MultiRanged, MultiSpider, Play Copy,
Spider-Man: Spider-Woman
Free Recruit, MultiSpider, Reveal Deck, Wall-Crawl,
Avengers: Squirrel Girl
Free Recruit, Investigate, MultiInstinct, Switcheroo,
Guardians of the Galaxy: Star-Lord
Artifact, Draw Card, Shards,
Avengers: Stature
Defeat, Draw Card, MultiStrength, MultiTech, Size-Changing,
Shield: Steve Rogers
Bystander, KO Shield, MultiClass, MultiShield, Out of Time, Savior,
Deadpool: Stingray
Draw Card, Excessive Violence, KO, Locationfight, Move Villain, MultiTech,
X-Men: Storm
Bystander, Draw Card, Locationbonus, Locationfight, Mastermindfight, Move Villain, MultiRanged,
Avengers/X-Men: Storm & Black Panther
Draw Card, KO, Locationfight, Mastermindfight, Move Villain, MultiInstinct, MultiRanged, Reveal Hand, Sidekick,
X-Men: Sunspot
Bottom Hero Deck, Discard to play, Draw Card, Moonlight, Sunlight,
None: Super-Skrull
Conqueror, Extra Cards Next Turn, Focus, KO, MultiStrength, Wound,
Spider-Man: Symbiote Spider-Man
Reveal Deck, Wall-Crawl,
Avengers: The Captain & The Devil
Mastermindfight, Patrol, Spectrum,
Fantastic 4: The Thing
Focus, MultiFour, MultiStrength,
Heroes of Asgard: The Warriors Three
Conqueror, Draw Card, KO, Move Villain, MultiCovert, MultiInstinct, MultiStrength,
Avengers: Thor
MultiRanged, MultiStrength, Recruitfight,
Heroes of Asgard: Thor
Draw Card, MultiAsgard, Thrown Artifact, Worthy,
Avengers: Tigra
Ambush, Discard, Draw Card, Free Recruit, KO, Look Deck, MultiAvenger, MultiCovert, MultiInstinct, Sidekick,
X-Men: Time-Traveling Jean Grey
Extra Cards Next Turn, Locationfight, Move Villain, MultiCovert, MultiXmen, Patrol,
Avengers: Tony Stark
Coordinate, Danger Sense, MultiAvenger, MultiTech,
Champions: Totally Awesome Hulk
Bystander, Cheering Crowds, Draw Card, KO Wound, MultiStrength, Size-Changing, Wound,
Heroes of Asgard: Valkyrie
Ambush, Conqueror, Extra Cards Next Turn, KO, MultiAsgard, MultiInstinct, Thrown Artifact,
Venomverse: Venom
Digest, Excessive Violence, Indigestion, KO, MultiInstinct, MultiVenom,
Venomverse: Venom Rocket
Ambush, Digest, Discard/Redraw, Excessive Violence, Free Recruit, KO, MasterStrike,
Venomverse: Venomized Dr. Strange
Digest, Draw Card, MultiRanged, MultiVenom, Reveal Deck,
Venomverse: Venompool
Bystander, Digest, Draw Multiple Cards, Excessive Violence, Indigestion, MultiVenom,
Avengers: Vision
Guessing, MultiRanged, Phasing, Size-Changing,
Champions: Viv Vision
Bystander, Cheering Crowds, Extra Cards Next Turn, MultiTech, Size-Changing, Versatile,
Avengers: War Machine
Bystander, Draw Card, Hyperspeed, KO, MultiRanged, MultiTech,
X-Men: Warlock
Discard, Draw Card, Draw Multiple Cards, KO, Look Deck, Moonlight, MultiTech, MultiXmen, Sunlight,
Avengers: Wasp
Draw Card, Microscopic Size-Changing, MultiAvenger, MultiCovert, Size-Changing,
Avengers: Wiccan
Draw Card, Guessing, MultiCovert, Phasing,
None: Winter Soldier
Draw Card, MultiTech, Out of Time,
X-Men: Wolfsbane
Bottom Hero Deck, Discard, Draw Card, KO, Look Deck, Moonlight, Sunlight,
X-Men: Wolverine
Draw Card, Draw Multiple Cards, KO Wound, MultiInstinct,
X-Force: Wolverine
Draw Card, Draw Multiple Cards, KO, MultiInstinct,
Avengers: Wonder Man
Bottom Hero Deck, Draw Card, Empowered, MultiRanged, Size-Changing,
X-Men: X-23
Berserk, Draw Card, KO, KO Wound, X-Gene,
Guardians of the Galaxy: Yondu
Choose, Danger Sense, Defeat, Draw Card, Free Recruit, MasterStrike, MultiCovert, MultiGalaxy, Shards,